Divorce is a scary and often adversarial situation in which a sense of control and closure seem unreachable. Mediation is a process of regaining a sense of control by generating agreeable compromises and solutions to your family’s unique needs. Generating a contract of agreements allows each member of the couple to choose how the new family dynamics should be structured versus allowing an outside judge to make the decisions. Mediation uses a third party (the mediator) to guide a conversation that is solution focused and driven by the parties. Mediation is confidential and non-adversarial.

Mediation is often the most successful form of conflict resolution in divorce. Participating in mediation does not mean that other options are extinguished. Families can successfully mediate all or some of their concerns and may choose to litigate other issues in court. In addition to mediation increasing a sense of empowerment in the divorce process, it typically helps the couple save money as it is far more cost effective than a trial. 

Healing from the loss of a family unit is a journey that requires a great deal of strength and personal mindfulness. Many individuals feel that they do not have the time, energy, or ability to focus on their own grieving during the divorce process. Mediation can expedite the legal obligations of divorce and allow one to refocus on their own emotional needs.

Mediation is billed at $150 per hour and I schedule sessions in either half or full day time slots based on the complexity of the family’s issues. This fee is split evenly between the parties, unless a formal agreement has been made stating otherwise.

“Everything will be okay in the end. If it’s not okay, it’s not the end”